Timothy Vallier is a theatre composer, performer, and technical artist. His most recent works include composing original music for the stage plays The Mystery of Irma Vep, Sleepy Hollow, Native GardensA Raisin in the SunSweatOf Mice and Men, and Ripcord. As a performer, he appeared as Beast in Beauty and the Beast (Mary Peckham Award), Mark Cohen in RENT, and Raoul in Eating Raoul (TAG Award). Offstage, Tim served as the technical artist for Rock Twist (2017–19) and Yesterday and Today (2017-19). Other credits include music director for Gutenberg: The Musical with The Candy Project and as a technical artist for Metallica World Tour. Tim has a Ph.D. in music composition from Stony Brook University and works remotely as a software engineering manager. Tim enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, reading, and playing video games with his wife and two sons.

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List of Works

Theatre Works

Musical Theatre Works

Classical Works by Instrumentation

Instrumentation Title
Brass Quintet Clouded Mind
Choir When the Pale Moon Floats
  Who Do I Have in Heaven?
Electroacoustic Substance
  Accidental Self Portrait
  Mobile Phone Orchestra Suite
  Ephemeral Artifacts
  Limbic Hemispheres
Flute Foible
Marimba Memory Stages
Oboe Band Rubber Petals
Orchestra Mystical Dawn
  Piano Concerto
Piano Trio Rhapsodic Dreams
Saxophone Quartet Stylized Dances
Voice Love’s Lost Tale
Wind Ensemble Light Density
Woodwind Quintet Glass Factory

Score and/or recordings are available upon request.


Composer Press

Performer and Music Director Press

Awards Press


Title Publication
Interactive music: Human Motion Initiated Music Proc. Conf. Soc. Electro-Acoustic Music United States - 2012
The Data Sensorium: Sonification Music, Mind, and Invention Workshop - 2012
In Constraint, Creativity–a Manifest for Open Online Education Book Chapter - 2012
Environmental, linguistic, and developmental influences on mothers? speech to children: an examination of audible and visible properties. AVSP - 2015
Determining the accuracy of sound field synthesis systems in reproducing subjective source locations The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America - 2017
Designing rehabilitative experiences for virtual, mixed, and augmented reality environments The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America - 2018
How physical versus panned sources in dry or reverberant conditions affect the accuracy of localization in sound field synthesis systems The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America - 2018
Live Coding Tutorial: Real-Time Open Sound Communication from Unreal Engine 4 to Max 7 AES New York 2018 - Game Audio and XR Track Event - 2019
Child-directed speech enhances preschoolers’ speech perception in noise The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America - 2019
One Way to Mars: An Audio Drama Ph.D. Dissertation - 2019
Child-directed speech in noise: Listener-and environment-related changes in speech acoustics The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America - 2019
Applying Virtual Reality to Audiovisual Speech Perception Tasks in Children American Journal of Audiology - 2020



  • The Giver - 2022
  • Labs and Maps EP - TBD